It’s official. I’m a boss.

Today I have officially launched my new venture, Vlog Boss Studios.

I’m very excited to take a big step in self-employment and finally start operating under my first company. It’s taken me some time to get to this point because I think it takes a couple years of working with different people and different brands to learn what you’re really good at and what you want to focus on with your business.

I’m so pleased to say I’ve gotten to that point, knowing exactly who my ideal customers is. Video content marketing is my thing and the brands that see the advantages and want to work on those strategies can have that opportunity with my company. I’m still consulting in regards to overal digital marketing strategy, but video work is a top priority for Vlog Boss Studios (hence the name) so that’s the work we’re looking to do.

If you think you might be interested in learning more about vlogging for your brand, I highly suggest you stay tuned with Vlog Boss Studios and watch the welcome video, check out our portfolio, ‘like’ on Facebook and definitely tweet with us.

Thank you as always for your support. This community has been a huge part of figuring out what my venture has come to be, therefore Savvy Sexy Social is definitely Vlog Boss’ most favorite client. 😉

Questions? Comments? Advice? Love to hear from you in the comments.


  1. bradleymiller

    @Schmittastic congrats Amy, you are definitely the boss! We may have to chat soon about possibly working together

    1. BigBryC

      @Schmittastic Right on. So many good people I know have started their own things in the past year.

  2. Larry Snow

    Congratulations Amy! Very happy for you! Wishing you much success on the new venture. 🙂

  3. I almost want to organize under your umbrella, almost certain I can make few shiny pennies for you one way or another. I’ve got a vlog company but haven’t launched it but then again I’m trying make progress on nearly names 80 names, idea, & ventures that I need to cut down on.  For example… the list…  
    Anyways… your vlogboss looks pretty polished… slick.  Probably will pay off better than the consulting. not that the consulting pay isn’t good, but its more headway into what you want to do.  Epic!

    1. @jonfun It’s still technically consulting, but there is more implementation involved because it’s the type of work I want to focus on. Good luck with you names and ideas! I hope you’re moving forward while you think about those smaller items. 🙂

      1. @Schmittastic I’m making progress but once again as I’ve mentioned many times, several times, alright make it quite a few times repeatedly if it wasn’t for you finding @emiliewapnick I’d still be astray on a lot some of these ins & outs.

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