Is Your Business Card Social Media Friendly? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Networking is essential to the growth of our business. Not just online social social, but off. Money is made with real connections. And that’s why I love this infographic from UPrinting of business card ideas because those little pocket-sized profiles are still a very important tool to growing your network.

Turns out they were inspired by my Business Card Rant video after CES. Who wouldn’t be!? Check out the graphic for a social media friendly business card:
Is Your Business Card Social Media Friendly?

Click here is you cannot see the graphic.
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@kaleighsomers thanks for sharing, Kaleigh! Hope you're having a good weekend.


@uGoBigg yep, I even have one that uses Aurasma augmented reality functionality to play a video plugging our social media program / channels


@GraemeMenzies that's awesome! You really know how to work that card!