Google Plus Tips From Guy Kawasaki [VIDEO]

Last week I attended a Google Plus hangout held by PR professional Sarah Evans featuring Guy Kawasaki. If you’re not familiar with Guy he is a published author of books such as Enchantment (which you can find my review of here) and APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur — How to Publish a Book, CEO of, and former Chief Evangelist of a lil’ company called Apple.

A huge fan and advocate of Google Plus, he shared his must-haves and practices for his truly impressive presence on the network. Tune in for some great info:

  1. First, I love that he pointed out that his use of social media is a means to an end. Meaning, his business goals are clear and his social execution is on a straight path to making those items happen. So if he wants to sell you a book or ask you to come to his next speaking event or influence you to try using his website for content curation, you can expect those asks because he gives so much with the rest of his exection. This is hard for some users to understand who aren’t using social media in a business sense but this is reality. And it’s because of people like Guy that people like me can make a living advising my audience via social media. So he’s not just making money, he’s empowering other entrepreneurs with his presence.2. If you’re looking for how to get followers on Google Plus, you need to “share great stuff”, Guy says. (Duh. Come on, guys. You knew that was coming.) He makes it his goal to get to the Explore page every day and that’s only going to happen with great, sharable updates. So take a look at what popular accounts are doing and figure out how to convert that to your presence.
  2. Just like Facebook, Guy recommends you use a photo in every single update. It takes up a lot of space on the home feed for people who’ve circled you which is going to help grab their attention. He takes a screengrab of photos on the links that he shares and credits them in the update. Don’t depend on the headline and your thoughts alone. Let multimedia get the visual users on board.
  3. If you’re using the Google Chrome browser you should definitely download the Do Share extension. This is the tool Guy uses to schedule activity on Google Plus. This is useful if you find a lot of things to share at one time and making them spread out over a period of time. Making it easy to have consistent content and just keep up with the conversations as they happen.

Question of the post: What are your Google Plus tips? What’s working and what are you still struggling with on the network?


  1. Like I suspect with most people, I have just recently jumped on the Google+ bandwagon because it looks like it is going to be the future of Google. My big tip would be to get on G+ now, especially if you are a small business or entrepreneur. If you want people to be able to find you through a Google search, you will need to be active on G+
    I have two struggles with G+:
    1. Deciding what gets shared on G+ vs. Twitter vs. Facebook vs. LinkedIn vs. whatever other platform is out there. I realize this is an issue of coming up with a marketing/social media plan, which is something I am working on. Right now I tend to share things on each platform based on where I originally found it: if found on G+, then I share on G+, and so on. Probably not the best way though.
    2. Easily sharing things on G+ I find on the internet. There are still many sites and blogs that don’t provide a button to easily share the content with G+ (some don’t even have buttons for Twitter or Facebook!). There are many third-party apps and browser extensions for Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn, but there isn’t much for G+. Do Share looks like it could be good for Chrome, but it doesn’t help if I am using a different browser or my iPhone. Any other suggestions?

    1. @bradleymiller1 It’s hard to figure out what you should share on certain networks versus others. I usually play it by ear and just look at each thing differently in terms of how it will appear on the network and whether I think it will grab the attention of that particular audience. You’re right that G+ seemed to fizzle on a lot of networks after it came out, but you can always add a bookmarklet to your browsers (that’s what I use in safari on my iPhone). Here is a tutorial for the Google Plus bookmarklet
      Thanks, as always, Bradley!

  2. jennstaz

    I kind of have my toe stuck into Google Plus but easily get the most traffic from Facebook and Twitter out of all the social media sites. And oddly enough, for the number of followers I have on Google+, it doesn’t really make sense! However, I do know that I only use G+ to push out new blog content, and not to chat, like I do on Twitter. 
    G+ is frustrating and is like a plane that keeps trying to get off the ground. I do know that we have to keep up with our presence on there in case it ever does fly and take over powerhouses fb  & twitter… but until then, I’m not sure what to do with it.
    The tip for uploading photos with every update is great. Instant highlighting. I will definitely strive to do that!

    1. @jennstaz Great analogy. It’s a lot like a stalled plane. I’m right there with you. I’m trying to contrbute more to the community than my own content, but it’s not quite second nature for me yet. Trying! Thanks for your thoughts. I’m glad some of his advice was a bit helpful. You must have TONS of photos you can share so that will be easy.

  3. SweatyBetties

    hmm I’m still not convinced on google +maybe I should… I do a +1 on all my posts.. but I don’t hang out there much..You think I should duplicate every FB post on G+?Jesus.. too much shit!

    1. @SweatyBetties I wouldn’t have your feed be only you plussing your stuff so definitely spend some time over there and see what people want to talk about so you can contribute. I would say I’m using the platforms similarly but not all the posts are the same. But that is a route you can go if you want.

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