Warm Up to Vlogging With These Apps [VIDEO]

I know I make video look easy (heh) but I understand where you’re coming from when you say you’re not sure how to get started for your brand. So today I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the video apps that are available to make it easy to get your feet wet with vlogging. (Stop fighting it. I’m making this too simple for you!)

Tune in to check out some easy-to-use video platforms on your smartphone:

1. Vine — The new video app from Twitter is the obvious first place we’ll start. It allows you to record 6 seconds of continuous or pieced footage along with the corresponding audio. It automatically plays on repeat and you can send it to your social networks, the advantage being that it fully integrates with Twitter so people dont’ have to leave the network to watch. Something not so frequent anymore with API restrictions. It’s so easy to come up with 6 seconds of something! Great way to get your start.

2. Ptch — This app is really different from most. The main feature is the ability to tie in different assets from all over, whether one your phone or on your social networks. So you can make a video of some footage on your phone, a picture on your Facebook, some of the popular music they’ve licensed to provide and different title themes. It really is the simplest video editor built into a network that you can share to your social networks. Cake.

3. Lightt — This isn’t a video app, but it dances on the line with the rest of them. Lightt actually takes multiple pictures to capture a moment in GIF style. Although it has a set number of photos it takes for one segment, you can capture and piece together as many highlights as you like and turn them into one share item. If you’re trying to find the middle ground between photo and video, this is it.


    1. @Egon H Oops. Totally didn’t mean to do that. I guess all three of these apps are still in the process of making Android versions. Well, if I were going to name a fourth app it would be Viddy. Only 15 second videos and lots of editing options. AND it’s available for Android last I checked. Sorry about that! Let me know what you think of Viddy!

      1. Egon H

        @schmittastic great app Viddy, looking forward for the others in android 
        Regards from Chile

  1. SweatyBetties

    hmm thanks for these.. interesting.. I know a few ppl on Vine.. but not sure how many folks will be on all the others? Just downloading vine now.. I tried a few weeks ago but couldn’t find it on Android

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