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Social Badges To Connect With Your Site Visitors [VIDEO]

Common sense says that if you’re going to be on social media, then you definitely need to put links on your site so visitors will know where they can follow you on their favorite social networks. It’s a great strategy to gain more connections, but do you need to send them to a site other than your own when you’ve already accomplished your goal by getting them there in the first place?

To remedy this backwards strategy, I’m talking about social badges. Get them to follow you without sending them away.
You’ll notice in my sidebar that you can connect with me through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and you don’t even have to leave my site to do it. The badges let you connect while you continue to watch my videos and read my content.

Just a small step you can take to keep your bounce rate low and your social counts high. Which do you prefer? A basic social button or the social badges I talked about.

Share which you like in the comments below!

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Amy is the Founder of Savvy Sexy Social and President of Vlog Boss Studios, a digital marketing agency specializing in video content creation. Connect with her on Twitter.
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Interesting perspective, Amy. More and more people are doing this. I just decided to take my social media buttons off my site to keep people on my site and focus more on my email list. 

schmittastic moderator

 @AlexaHart Definitely a good idea. If people want to find you they will find you. Thanks for the chat earlier!

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