3 Ideas for Making Text Into Sexy Images [VIDEO]

Multimedia is a great way to grab attention on social media. But sometimes you really want to share a message in text to your audience, which doesn’t always attract eyes the way an image does. So today wanted to talk to you about creative way to make text sexy by using it in images.

3 ideas to do this in today’s video:

The first example I like is to inspire people with quotes and motivational statements in a nice pretty image. There’s so much potential for this to be shared because people love to spread the love. So making an image with this type of content is a great way to get your name out there.

I also like screengrab technology, like, way too much Anytime someone says something noteworthy (especially if it’s a compliment about you) Grab it and share it! Way better than copy pasting the text and giving the impression that it was possibly changed or fabricated.

Lastly, you guys know I like to share my videos by posting a picture with text on it explaining what it’s about. You can do this for basically any blog post you want to promote. The less people have to try to understand what you’re sharing, the more likely thy’re gonna read and want to check it out.

How do you use text in images?


  1. AndrewWoo

    I really like the suggestion of screen capturing people’s comment love and tweets. I think local businesses can do this too with their Yelp Reviews.
    I’ve spent time thinking about how to help a friend of mine that owns a kabob restaurant in the DC area.
    I think that instead of plain ‘ol testimonials on your site, social proof in the form of Yelp screenshots would be more convincing…
    On top of that you can leverage that screenshot onto all your other networks too like I saw you do the other day with that Twitter pic somebody made of you.

    1. @AndrewWoo Absolutely. You know what’s funny is just like you were saying that plain testimonials aren’t as good as social proof, I’ve always wondered why Linkedin Recommendations couldn’t be embedded on your site. I would love to not only take a screengrab of that testimonial but have it act as a living unit so people can click to see where it came from and view my Linkedin profile as well. i know I can make that happen anyway, but LI should allow you to do that just like Twitter allows you to embed tweets. Would be awesome and make for a much more interesting and visually pleasing testimonials page. Thanks for the comment, Andrew!

      1. AndrewWoo

        @schmittastic There’s this wordpress plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-linkedin/installation/

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