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Are We Spread Too Thin with Social Media? [VIDEO]

With the release of the new video messaging app, Vine by Twitter, I got to thinking about how difficult it is for businesses to focus on an effective social media strategy when there are so many new platforms to consider. Do we really need to learn about every new, hot thing? Or is calm and calculated the way to go? At a time when it’s so important to execute effectively, are we spread too thin with social media?

There are obviously so many options when it comes to social media and the platforms you can use to share your message. And it’s really fun when a new app comes out to be able to discover the possibilities, features, and audiences that can be used to grow your presence. (Just don’t ask me “what’s next” for social media. That sh*t makes me crazy.) But it’s really important to keep in mind that social media isn’t just a thing you jump on and play around with and have it result in a return. You need to plan your execution of any marketing plan, and that includes time spent with social media.

My biggest advice would be to have an outline of all the platforms that you’re integrating into your strategy and make it clear why you’re there. Why is Facebook is good option for you and what kind of content do they expect there? Why if making videos with Vine a good idea and what content could you share there that isn’t a waste of time (even if it is only six seconds). The more you diagram this information out, the more likely you’re going to stay on target with your messaging and tailoring it for those audiences, making it more likely that there will be a greater positive impact on your online presence.

How many platforms are you using? Do you feel overwhelmed?

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Amy is the Founder of Savvy Sexy Social and President of Vlog Boss Studios, a digital marketing agency specializing in video content creation. Connect with her on Twitter.
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I love this video. I'm on FB, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram

I fucking hate insta and I hate the idea of Vine but goddamn if I feel like I have to be there too.What the fuckity fuck.. can we please slow down?  


Although I am not/have not  a brand, I write down my list of social media platforms just to give you an example how social media is used from a consumer point of view.


- Twitter. Use it to follow international/financial/local news via accounts from newspapers, journalists etc... Follow a few celebrities. Follow funny people/vloggers who have daily quotes and tweet with a couple of friends on a daily basis.

- Youtube. Have an account but use only to join channels and organize favorites.  No intention to upload videos in the near future.

- Facebook. Use it to socialize on the internet with mostly people I know in person (not all of them).Hated the platform in past, due to bad android app and chaotic interface. It has improved quite a lot since then, but is not a the technical level of Google+ yet, The biggest advantage is of course that almost everybody has a facebook account.

- Google+. Technically the best platform in my opinion. Have created a family circle to create a social media channel for my family to share/pictures and to announce family events. Also use is as backup platform for photo's and videos.   Use it as a social platform to socialize with mostly people I don't know in person. Recently using the communities on Google+ which is a great integration of forums into social media to talk about any subject your interested. . 

- Instagram. Just interacting with a couple op people. Noticed that there are barely active users on from The Netherland (were I come from).


I think 3 maybe 4 social media platforms are for me the max for to be active on.

schmittastic moderator

Okay as a quick update, I do want to say that I'm at least TRYING Vine. I never dismiss anything new. But it just makes me crazy because I know there are better places I could be sharing the content. Places I already have a presence. 


oh.. and tumblr too but I always forget about that shit

schmittastic moderator

 @edebont Those all look like really good reasons to engage. Sounds like you got it all straightened out for you. Even if you're not worrying about marketing a brand, this is nice to do.

schmittastic moderator

@SweatyBetties haha! I love your passion girl. It's hard to figure out where you should be versus where everyone else is saying to go. I feel your pain! Thanks for the comments. Really looking forward to seeing more of you around here.