Social Networks Helping You Grow Your Following [VIDEO]
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Social Networks Helping You Grow Your Following [VIDEO]

You guys know I love to join new social networks, just for the sheer enjoyment of learning something new in the media space. But I’ve learned a great benefit to this that can really help you grow your niche following as a part of your digital marketing plan. Tune in to today’s video to learn more:

Social networks want to advocate for you when they are new and haven’t reached their Facebook/Twitter potential yet. If you share valuable content on their platform, they want to show you off to new people (and likely, their investors as well). A couple examples of this:

Benny Luo of shared in a panel on the IAWTV track at the Consumer Electronics Show that Google Plus is still a newer network with a smaller active user base. If you use the network and continuously share relevant and valuable information to your circles, you are in a position for Google to see that and possibly add you to the Suggested Users list. This is a very big deal if you want to grow your following because now you have Google’s stamp of approval and the people that see that list and find your content interested (or just circle people for the hell of it) will be looking at you and other suggested users first.

Another example has been my battle with choosing a mobile video platform (I haven’t yet… I’m on pretty much all of them. These networks also notice when a user is on the border and that’s been good for me because in the case of trying out Viddy, I was posting valuable content however inconsistently. And the guys at Viddy actually tweeted my videos which caused me to add followers and make me want to post there more. Good move, Viddy. Good move. Also, while at CES I made it my mission to share to all the video apps as often as possible (especially since most of the networks have a time limit and CES is full of great opportunities for 15 second videos.) By doing this, I picked up Tout’s radar and they put me on a Follow New Users list which caused me to triple my following over 48 hours. Well, Tout was the one I was pretty sure I was going to abandon and guess what? Not anymore.

Find those smaller, niche networks that are perfect for reaching your ideal audience and if you really take advantage of the network and show them you’re an advocate, they will advocate for you as well.

What do you think? Has this method worked for you? Share in the comments.

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Gordon Miller
Gordon Miller

You are very inspirational Amy! I almost tried to do your Boot Camp, but I don't think I'm quite ready for it yet! I'm a loyal fan now though! :)

Larry Snow
Larry Snow

I'm liking what you are doing here with the pic instead of the vid making us go to your website - as we say in Boston you are wicked smaht. I saw Paul Colligan added in the arrow on the pic so I spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out why it wouldn't play. Have a great day Amy! :D

Eliska Ringler
Eliska Ringler

You are reading my mind! I've just made Google+ page for my company and totally kicking myself for not doing it sooner!