Influencers vs. Brand Advocates [INFOGRAPHIC]

With the common misconceptions of social media influencers, how that’s defined, and whether or not that even makes an impact in terms of brand partership, I thought this infographic would be a fantastic thing to share with you.

Social media influencers are usually detached from the brand and therefore don’t have any personal experiences that drive a reason to talk to their audience about you. But if you seek out the brand advocates who are really excited about you already because of whatever experience they had, even if the audience is smaller, it’s usually a bigger impact in personal recommendations. Check out the infographic for more info:






  1. Awesome Post Amy, this infographic is a BEAST! Think about it, your buyers aren’t returning sales calls – they’re talking to your customers.  So why leave those conversations to chance? Advocate Marketing puts customers at the center of your marketing efforts where they can outsell your best sales rep and offer your buyer a better experience.

    1. @JacobkCurtis you’re do right. I love this graphic as well. So glad Jay Baer posted it. Businesses forget where they can easily boost their marketing efforts and that’s with people who are already advocating. Thanks for the comment, Jacob.

  2. keeltsie

    Of course now the question becomes how to get good brand advocates. We all know apple did/does a great job on that, but most smaller companies can’t compare themselves to apple.
    In my opinion it all starts at the product/service itself, if the costumers are happy about it they will tell their peers.

    1. @keeltsie You don’t have to be Apple to know when someone is pleased with you and your business. Keep a personal connection with those people and continue to grow that relationship and they will really go to town with their connections about your brand. Thanks for the comment, Keeltsie!

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