Savvy Sexy Social’s Top 25 Most Popular Posts of 2012

top 25 SSS 2012

Another year. Another most popular post. Being able to write this post for the first time last year in Savvy Sexy Social’s 10th month was really exciting for me. It didn’t matter that I’d worked so hard on 220 blog posts and videos had less than amazing traffic and little-to-no income. I’d gotten past the typical point of giving up for a blogger and I was quickly approaching our one year anniversary.

Now we are approaching two years of Triple S this March and I can’t wait to celebrate with all of you. Your amazing support has been my biggest motivator, not just in content creation but in my business as well. You guys make me better. I’m so grateful for all of my Savvy Sexy Social friends this holiday season and can’t wait to keep growing this relationship with you in the coming years.

Let’s take a minute and recap the Top 25 Most Popular Posts of 2012:

25 of Top in 2012

25. How to Find Sweet Ideas for Your Life List [VIDEO]

On my personal blog, I decided I wanted to focus on getting a few things done before my 30th birthday. 101 things to be exact. Coming up with that life list was really fun and I wanted to share the great resources that helped me so you guys could make a list of your own.

24 of top 201224. 3 Steps to Make Your Social Content Great [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content might be king, but not if people don’t read it. If you can’t get someone’s attention then it’ll just get lost. This popular infographic is a great resource for social updates that pop!

23 of top 201223. How to Investigate the Deception of Huge Twitter Followings [VIDEO]

Klout might be a measurement of the past for most socially savvy implementer, however there is a piece of the score that can help you find out how legit some Twitter account’s followings are. Just because they have thousands, doesn’t mean there’s any influence.

22 of top 201222. 5 Ways to Engage Followers (and Avoid Advertising)

This guest post has been really popular with businesses struggling to find a way to grow awareness online without the obvious and annoying advertising route. Check out these tips for better ideas that will make  your account more fun to follow and therefore less of a waste of time for you.

stumbleupon21. How to Get More Traffic to StumbleUpon Your Blog

StumbleUpon is a great social bookmarking site, especially if you use it to help grow awareness of your blog posts. This post helps you learn more about the platform so you can use it to correctly categorize your posts and attract traffic. Remember, it’s better for you to use it to not just your own content, but relevant articles from other authors as well.

dawn del russo

20. Dawn Del Russo on Shoot the Schmitt [PODCAST]

One of my favorite fashion bloggers on YouTube spent some time with me for an episode of Shoot the Schmitt. We had so much fun and she shared some great info on how she uses social media to grow awareness of her personal brand as well as her retail brand.

19 of top 201219. 5 Minutes to higher SEO for YouTube Videos [VIDEO]

YouTube is happy to host your videos, even pay you for the ad space. But they can’t watch you video to figure out what it’s about. Your headline and other text fields are important for this. And there’s one more thing you can do to improve SEO. Watch this video to learn more.

18 of top 201218. Tools to Help Design Your Blog

Allie Lehman is my #1 for design tips so I was pumped when she said she’d guest post. Justifiably, because turns out both of her posts made the Top 25 (see #7 too!). Love this one about tools for better design because we can’t all be designers (but we can pretend sometimes.)

fabric square curation17. 7 Quick Ways to Curate Content for a Blog Post

I’m always trying to help you come up with ways to make useful, yet easy to create content. Looks like I’m right on target with what you guys are looking for because this post has helped a lot of bloggers with their strategies. If you’re looking for some great curation tips, this is the post to read.

16 of top 201216. If You Want to Leave Instagram, You’re Using it Wrong

Oh the wonderful photo drama that ended 2012. Instagram really upset a lot of users with their supposedly misunderstood Terms of Service. But none of that matters. Hence, the title. The key is to remember that social networks are a place to grow awareness… not be the boss.

15 of top 201215. How to Move Facebook Friends to Your Business Fan Page [VIDEO]

There are some businesses who picked up on social media early on and built a network before there were business-designated pages. But now on platforms like Facebook, that’s not cool and you could get booted. These tips are how you can move that audience to a brand page. Difficult, but doable.

path14. PATH = Passive Aggresive Tweets Here

Actually really surprised at this post coming in at #14 because this was really just an excuse for me to bash Path. Don’t really care for the network personally and it really don’t have a place for businesses (yet). So bascially… don’t waste your time.


fundable-logo-black70013. Fundable Introduces Crowdfunding for Serious Startups

Exciting news of a crowdfunding startup here in Columbus, Ohio specifically for startups. Always good to know if you need options for funding your business.

the power of unpopular erika napolitano12. The Cool Kids Aren’t Cool Anymore. Time to Be Unpopular. [BOOK REVIEW]

Absolute must read for anyone with a business, personal brand, or desire to be cool.



cash register11. 5 Reasons Why Social Media Doesn’t Work for You

People love to hear about failure and why something doesn’t work. The idea is to go in the opposite direction but oddly enough, as popular as these types of posts are people are still reverting back to those techniques. Read this and change what’s going wrong!

And now the Top 10 of 2012!

10 of top 201210. Interview with YouTube Star Jenna Marbles [VIDEO]

My first time attending Playlist Live this year I had the opportunity to YouTube Superstar Jenna Marbles. This young lady has built and incredible following on a network we thought had seen all of its big timers. Boy were we wrong. Check out my interview with her.

madonna creative commons9. 7 Things Madonna Taught Me About Business

I’ve never been a Madonna person. I think I was too young to appreciate her music so I’ve never really cared about her, say, as much as Britney Spears or NSync (you know you love them, millenials.) But when she was on Ellen this year, I was so inspired by her for some reason. Anyway. It triggered this popular blog post.

sharp blog content sara lancaster8. How I Failed at Marketing my eBook (and What I Did Right)

Again, people love failure. So this guest post from Sara Lancaster has been extremely popular and helpful for brands looking to promote an electronic product. Definitely give this a read before you start your eBook adventures.

77. 5 Ways to Make Your Post More Visually Appealing

Allie Lehman is back and this is definitely my favorite of her two guest posts here. The people agree because it’s in the Top 10 and deservedly! Definitely read this for resources and inspiration!


pink editorial calendar6. The Trick to Filling Your Editorial Calendar

This is a little something I do to make sure I have consistent content being published here on Savvy Sexy Social. You rely on me so I make sure I’ve got the good to back it up. Use this trick to do the same for your audience.


me starbucks tv filter lens light schmittastic5. What I Like About Being an Entreprenewbie

It been a really interesting couple of years getting used to this whole work-for-yourself thing. I love it. I wouldn’t change anything about it except for that’s not working. You always have to get better. But this post helped me reflect on changes that are different, but not so bad.

facebook pages app iphone4. Facebook Launches App to Manage Your Fan Page

Best app ever! It was so hard to manage a business presence with the personal app, so this was a must-create for Facebook and they’ve done a brilliant job with it. Many features available straight from your phone. If you aren’t using this, you’re not productive enough away from your computer.

get instant access3. 5 Effective Call-to-Action Phrases

Everything we do online needs to have an end goal and these phrases will help your audience get to it much faster. Keep these around and top of mind to call action.

2 of top 20122. Shoot the Schmitt with Sassibob [PODCAST]

Shocker! Everybody loves them some Sassibob. This is my YouTube buddy and Android fangirl, Stevie Leigh AKA “Sassibob”. We had fun on our podcast talking video making, branding, and our adventures. Good times.

and finally…

1. Sign Up to Vlog Everyday in August [VIDEO]

It seriously warms my heart that this post was #1! I love group activity and you guys really showed up for it when it came to coming out of your box and trying out the vlogosphere! I had such a blast vlogging with you every day in August and we definitely need to make this an annual thing. Get ready for it again this year!


Thanks for an awesome 2012! Like I said, let’s keep rocking out business for years to come together. We make a great team 🙂

What was your favorite post this year?


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