How To Write Your Year End Wrap Up Blog Post
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How To Write Your Year End Wrap Up Blog Post

I love blogging at the end of the year. There are so many easy ideas to conform to your niche: new years resolutions, favorite moments of the year, and my favorite the wrap up blog post.

After a year of blogging, it’s great to look back and see which of your content performed the best. Not just for you to note in measurement and strategy for the future, but for your audience to see if they maybe missed some of your best stuff. So today we’re talking about how you can very easily find your most popular content to curate for and end of year wrap up.

How To Write Your Year End Wrap Up Blog Post

  1. To start, your site should be set up with Google Analytics. Regardless of how often you use it or maybe you like to measure your site’s performance with another tool as well, Google Analytics should always be running in the background because it will always come in handy because of its robust features and it’s free. No brainer.
  2. Open up your Google Analytics account and under ‘Standard Reporting’ go to the ‘Content’ section.
  3. From there, drop down the ‘Site Content’ section and click ‘All Pages’.
  4. To limit your results to most popular of this year, add “/2012/” (or whatever year you’re reading this) to your search options. If you’re looking for most popular of all time, you can leave this criteria out.
  5. Now change the date range to the first day of the year to present day.

There you have it. The list of content that appears will be the most popular content from your blog for the past year. Depending on how often you blog, you might choose to have a Top 10 post or a Top 100 post. Look at the content and determine which fits best for your site.

I wrote a top 10 post last year. Check it out if you joined us in 2012.

Props to my fave Google friend Adam Singer for posting this process on his Google Plus account as well. Be sure to follow him for more great hints on using Google tools.

Share your Top 10 links in the comments below so we can see your best content!

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