Best Times to Send Email [INFOGRAPHIC]

Email is a very important aspect of a digital marketing campaign. When people allow you into their inbox you need to give them the best of the best and really grab their attention. Some of that has to do with copy. Some of it has to do with timing.

Today I thought I would help you with the latter with this infographic on average email open and click rates based on time sent. Check it out to see if it can help you better connect with your email subscribers:




  1. Lauren Rains

    This is awesome! And something I need to start to focus on more! I tell you, to every big picture, there are so many damn tiny pieces that add to the pie!

  2. happygreenmama1

    Wow – that’s interesting! Glad to know my email strategy fits with these timeframes, but I also wonder how it applies to the weekends.

    1. @happygreenmama1 In my experience, weekends probably aren’t ever performing as consistently because people are taking time away from their work to be with family. In most cases anyway (this doesn’t include me lol).

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