More Ways to Get More Twitter Followers [INFOGRAPHIC]

I found this infographic on, a site dedicated to helping you get more Twitter followers. There are more than 30 action items for you to do to make your social network more visible to a targeted audience:

get more Twitter followers Twiends infographic

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  1. Beanstalks,Parrots, and Mushrooms oh my! Simply amazing information! I really enjoyed the portions of including your twitter handle offline like the “other ideas” section on the bottom of the Infographic. I call these “social props”
    I once saw a business create a Facebook URL and Twitter Handle stamp and would stamp it on on the receipts they would print out.

  2. IngridCole

    all really good ideas on how to properly use twitter.  Unfortunately this was not something I started out doing.  I need to create some new twitter accounts!

  3. With hootesuite, you can easily manage multiple social media accounts in one dashboard. Allows fan page admins to measure, compare, and contrast the success of their social media campaigns with competitors. Grow fans and followers using which allows you to get facebook, twitter, and youtube marketing.

  4. FBLikeExchange1

    i have tried twiends but i found the same results using socialmediaexplode plus it has a ton more that i wanted like youtube subscribers

    1. Free Man

      @FBLikeExchange1 Sometime 100 followers does more good than 1000 followers. Targeted followers is what mean to say.

  5. For Him

    Having a thousand, even millions of Twitter followers is one of the greatest goals a Twitter user especially a company brand can be proud of but percentage of conversion is what matters.

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