‘Accessories’ Category on Tumblr Proves Fashion’s Dominance [VIDEO]

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Fashion bloggers, rejoice. Tumblr is making moves to be your #1 social network.

Accessories‘ is a new category that was unveiled in Tumblr’s Spotlight section (an area to get familiar with popular Tumblogs in an range of niches), adding to the growing list of clothing trend related content.

Learn more about this new category, the sponsorship from Cole Haan to kick it off, and how you can become more popular on the network to increase your chances of one day being featured in the Spotlight.

Tips to attract more followers on Tumblr:

1. Tags! Tags! Tags!
If you’re not adding keywords to the tag section of each of your Tumblr post, the network will have a harder time categorizing you and users won’t see your entries when they search. Tags are by far the best way to navigate new content on Tumblr, so make sure you’re always optimizing.

2. Multimedia FTW
When people search for tags on Tumblr they want big, beautiful results, especially in the fashion world. Make sure you’re posting and sharing lots of photos and video to attract attention.

3. Share the Love
Make sure you check the Spotlight section for relevant accounts to follow and start searching tags that you use frequently for more accounts to check out. You really want to share and comment so you can build relationships with other popular blogs and open up the communication to be shared as well.

Are you using Tumblr? (Follow me!) What’s been your experience?


  1. edebont

    A Question for your Q&A coming Friday:
    I see within social media that the brand (@savvysexysocial) and the person (@schmittastic) are often used for the same thing. What usually happens is that the person becomes more popular than the brand Schmittastic has >6000 followers vs SavvySexySocial has > 3864 followers) . My question is therefore “Why do you always use the two twitter accounts for the same purpose ?”

    1. @edebont  Because they do not have the same purpose. Schmittastic is a brand and Savvy Sexy Social is a brand. They’re separate although they come together sometimes just because I run them both. I like to share a lot of content for the @SavvySexySocial audience. That includes promoting my posts, sharing other great content, etc. I don’t want to put that on my personal account because there are people who follow me just because they like me as a person (especially people who follow the Schmittastic YouTube channel) and don’t care about all that extra information. So to keep both audiences happy, I have separate accounts.

      1. edebont

        @schmittastic   AMY…. The question was meant for your video on Friday.,..You wasn’t supposed to answer it now..No just kidding. Thanks for the answer. It makes sense now.

  2. Mel_McIntyre

    @SavvySexySocial I luv Tumblr! It’s great for blogs that are heavy on visuals, like most fashion blogs are. I’ll def use your tips!

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