How to Install the Instagram Badge on your Website [VIDEO]

Instagram recently released web profiles for users, a change for the previously strictly-mobile platform. If you’re a brand using the social network, you want to take advantage of every avenue in terms of getting more followers and now that it is web-friendly it is much easier to do that.

Today’s video shows you how to install the Instagram badge that the network created after the release of web profiles to help you attract more website visitors to follow your photos.
Step 1: Visit and scroll down to click “My Account”

Step 2: Click the “Badges” section of your profile after you have logged in

Step 3: Select the badge you would like to see on your website and then copy the code that appear underneath it

Step 4: Go to the backend of your website where you typically install sidebar/footer information (content seen on every page of your site)

Step 5: Paste the code in a text widget or other widget that accepts HTML code

Step 6: Save and refresh for the official Instagram badge linking to your account

If your brand on Instagram? Why or why not?


  1. BadgePLZ

    Instagram badge (widget) for your blog or website from Sinse feb 2011 130000 websites already use it.

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  3. Guest1001question

    Hi Amy 
    I just followed your tutorial on how to install instagram logo on blog page. But on the sidebar of the homepage the whole script as well as the logo now appears! What to do?

  4. Guest1001question I don’t know why that’s happening. Maybe you pasted the copy wrong? If not, maybe you should get in contact with the creators of your theme and see why it’s not accepting the code and where else you could put it that might work.

  5. audessaraesarmiento  You need to be able to paste the code they give you in a place where you want it to show up. And it’s usually called a widget and you need it to be HTML compatible.

  6. KennethMorley

    Instagram wanted to make it easy for you to solicit new followers, but instead frustrated users with bad code. Sure an Instagram badge appears when you enter the code. Effectively getting you to market their service believing you will help people find your Instagram account, but alas it is not a link to your Instagram account, but simply brings you to Instagram, even if your already logged in. A typical Zuckerberg dickhead move.

  7. JM70

    When I click the badge I want, the code appears for about 2 seconds and then I get logged out everytime. Not enough time to copy the code.  Any ideas?

    Thanks Jason

  8. BrooksCBelanger

    when I go to the badge site the badges are not appearing…but you can scroll over where they are suppose to be and select one and the code appears. But when you paste the code on the website the same thing happens…no icon appears, but you can scroll over where its meant to be and click the space and get directed to your Instagram account????

  9. TeriClark BrooksCBelanger Hi friends- I see what you’re saying. Just went in to try to do it myself and the same result is happening. Very odd because it should be working and I wonder if there’s a glitch on Instagram’s end which is why they’re not appearing. Wait and see. I would try again in a couple days to see if it gets fixed in their settings.

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