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Shoot the Schmitt with Cheryl Harrison, ep. 5 [PODCAST]

Shoot the Schmitt episode 5 is with my homegirl, Cheryl Harrison! While talking all things social media, old school websites, and of course alcohol. Also we may have also put some hypothetical kittens in a blender. Yep. Tune in:

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Amy Schmittauer is Founder and Face of Leading the charge in video blogging for business, Amy has grown a following for the site that has amassed more than 1.2 million video views and become a vital referral source consultancy and public speaking career. She is a proud beagle mom, coffee addict and shares most of her life via video and on Twitter. A true social media frenzy. Connect with her on Twitter.
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It's a pic for two hot ladies with microphones. Nobody will be complaining. 


I fucking hate that photo.


Thanks for having me and blending kittens with me, Schmittastic :)


The @CherylHarrison is one badass. Congrats for having her on. 


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