Grow Your Twitter Network With These Twitter Searches
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Grow Your Twitter Network With These Twitter Searches

Because there is so much potential to grow your presence with Twitter, it’s really important to be tracking results for certain searches so you can stay informed and take advantage of a conversation that will help people learn about you and what you do. The following are types of searches you should have consistently running on Twitter (whether you use a platform like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck columns, or just the saved searches option on that will make it easier for you to identify opportunities to grow your Twitter network.

1. Your URL

If someone found your article by happenstance and not because they’re a loyal Twitter follower, they may not use your Twitter handle in the tweet when they post, which would ultimately alert you of the share. So it’s really important to type your URL in a Twitter search┬áto see if any articles being shared are slipping through the cracks that you should be acknowledging. Watch for content from your website to show up in this search and throw a quick ‘hello’ to your new reader. They’ll likely be impressed that you both found them and then took the time to say thanks.

2. Relevant Hashtag Conversations

The best way to stay on-the-pulse of what’s happening in your industry is to follow relevant hashtag conversations. For instance, I like to follow #PRchat, #socialmedia, #smallbiz, etc. Whatever articles come through there might be great for me to share, or it could just tell me what’s hot right now that I would want to incorporate into my editorial calendar and get more attention to my site. Stay on top of what’s trending for your own knowledge as well as strategic publishing.

3. Competitor’s URLs

If I read an article from a blogger that writes similar content to me and has an audience that would also fit into mine, I like to track those articles to see who is sharing them and what their thoughts are on them. Chiming in and comparing thoughts about the content is a great way to share your knowledge and peak the interest of those people who might be looking for someone like you who can help them learn more. When approached the right way this is a great way to grow readership.

4. Tools You Know A Lot About

If you ever have a question about WordPress or design, you’ll probably find you have a ton of people on Twitter tweeting to ask if you still need help. This made me think what if I could help someone with their question about a social tool or software. So I follow search terms surrounding platforms and apps that I could give someone a few secrets about if they tweet about finding them useful. Sharing those little pieces of info show someone a lot about your online character and how you like to help people. Great characteristic of someone to become a reader of.

What do you watch for in Twitter search?

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