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Recognizing the Wrong Clients [VIDEO]

As a struggling entrepreneur, it’s pretty hard to turn down work. You never know when the hustle is gonna slow down and you’re gonna wish you took a client that you said no to. So why bother being picky at all?

The answer? Because your business will fail if you’re not particular about the work you do. You can’t please everyone. If you try to, you’re going to make yourself miserable. And why give these people the ability to ruin something you love so much that you turned it into your full-time gig? Don’t let that happen.

On today’s Triple S Tuesday, I talk about recognizing the wrong clients and steering clear when you see them coming. It’s not that they’re bad people, they just might not be the ideal situation for you to work with that would be the most effective for both of you. From understanding their expectations to matching that up with how you intend to conduct business, recognizing a bad fit early is really important for both your business, and you sanity.

Tune in to learn more:

Have you encountered a client that you didn’t mesh well with? Tell us about it in the comments!

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@FirdausAlias thank you for sharing! Glad you liked.


I liked the part where you said "if you charge such low prices for your time, how's somebody else that's willing to pay you more supposed to hire you?"


Though its not totally related to your advice above, right now I'm thinking about raising prices for my app so that I can cover additional marketing expenses.


PS. Is the name of your YouTube guest 'Daily Grace'? If so, my fiance talks about her all the time and saw her on a Lowes commercial


@SavvySexySocial pleasure is all mine..keep on posting a good info for everybody aite!

schmittastic moderator

 @AndrewWoo That's her! We talk about the Lowes commercial in the podcast. She thought tune in! We had a lot of fun.


Thanks for your thoughts on this. And yes, pricing for you app is somewhat relevant as long as you know what's acceptable for your work that your audience is willing to pay for your best.