Podcast Tools for Beginners [VIDEO]

This week I’m bringing back the podcast Shoot the Schmitt. As if it was even a thing long enough to take a break… but it did. So there. So since I’m in a very merry podcasting mood, I thought I’d share some of the key tools that I’ll be using to make it awesome. Check out this week’s Triple S Tuesday episode to learn about podcast tools for beginners.

Podcast Tools For Beginners

1. Skype

Podcasts are always more fun when others are involved. So unless you want to be talking to yourself or go to the trouble of podcasting with people in the same room (why bother?!) you definitely need a digital connection to make that happen. Skype is by far the easiest way to do this because of how seamlessly it integrates with other free recording software, such as…

2. Evaer (or other Skype call recorder)

This is my favorite option for recording Skype calls. Their options make it so easy to record as soon as a call begins (just in case you forget… you know it can happen), and also record in Stereo mode so the tracks are separated and you can mute someone who coughed too loud or a siren that drove by. Your recorder license will cost you $20, but that’ll keep you set for a lifetime of recorded calls. An Andrew Jackson well spent.

3. Audacity

This software is totally free and pro level stuff! If you want your production to seem like more than just one boring continuous drone, you will want to use Audacity to edit your audio and integrate any additional features like the previously mentioned track muting, introductory or sponsored audio, and of course a little music.

4. iStockPhoto (Audio)

Everyone wants to hear their own soundtrack before they step on the scene. So I like to buy royalty free music from iStockPhoto so I can have something original and well-made for my podcast. It’s the song that people are going to remember when you introduce the segment each time, so realize it’s going to cost you a little up front to buy the rights but that it’s going to do wonders for your podcast’s brand.

Know another necessary podcast tool for beginners? Share in the comments!



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