2012 Savvy Sexy Social Reader Survey

checklist creative commonsIt’s that time of year again! Time for me to get to know you a little bit better.

It’ been more than a year since my last survey and boy have we changed quite a bit around here. Social media has always been a big focus of our content, but small business, public relations, and how all of this works together has been the developing evolution of Savvy Sexy Social.

So help me help you better and take a minute to fill out my 10 question survey. Pretty please? I promise, it will only get better for you around here if you do :)

SurveyMonkey FTW!

photo credit: Daniel*1977 via photopin cc

About Amy Schmittauer

Amy is the Founder of Savvy Sexy Social and President of Vlog Boss Studios, a digital marketing agency specializing in video content creation. Connect with her on Twitter.