Make Guest Blogging Easier With New Wordpress Plugin
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Make Guest Blogging Easier With New WordPress Plugin [VIDEO]

You know how there’s so many steps when it comes to guest blogging? First there’s the pitch. Then the article needs to hit it out the park. Photo credit. Formatting. Blah blah blah. It’s usually a bigger pain than it needs to be for both parties. Well, what if guest blogging was easier?

My Blog Guest, a guest blogging platform connecting site hosts with content creators, announced the development of their new WordPress plugin. Why is this awesome? Because you can have a presence on My Blog Guest and find content for your website without having to leave your blog!

The plugin allows you to search for relevant content to post on your site within your WordPress platform. You can search through different categories and use specific keywords to filter. And then you don’t even have to leave to pitch the writer, edit the post, or let them know you’re scheduling it. My Blog Guest gives it to you all on your blog and also reminds you every time there is a step you have to take in the process.

This is a huge plus for blog hosts just because of convenience, but for the writers it’s great because if they submit their articles to My Blog Guest, they are more likely to be seen with this tool and not have to go through so many steps from the pitch to publish.

If you’re looking to grow your content whether hosting or sharing, definitely create an account with My Blog Guest and download the plugin if you’re using WordPress. (Check out the how-to video from MBG to help you download the product.)

Would you use this? Think it will make guest blogging easier for you?

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