3 Things I Can’t Help You With (and Who You Should Ask Instead)

New media can be a tough gig sometimes, especially when you take on a client that is not only unfamiliar with the platforms, but technology in general. Sure I get to be creative and help businesses be more fun and engaging for their audience, but it’s hard to focus on that stuff when other issues arise unrelated to the job — unbenounced to the client. Here are 3 things that I can’t help you with, but some great people who can definitely share their expertise.

1. I can’t tell you what tablet/phone/computer to buy.

I know you’re really just looking for me to tell you that you should get based on what I bought, but I’m not gonna do that. Some people should have an iPad and some should have a Kindle. And there’s a bajillion other things in between. If you want to know the right tablet, phone, computer, etc. for what you intend to use it for, you need to talk to someone who knows technology. Like really knows technology. Specs. Features. Operating systems. All that crap.

And I know just the guy. Subscribe to Austin Evans on the Duncan33303 YouTube Channel. He reviews every device you can think of with absolutely brilliant videography. Check him out in the above video.

2. I can’t write your business plan.

I know this is hard to hear, but I can’t help you market your business unless you know exactly what you’re business is. If you’re having a hard time coming up with exactly what your brand is, that’s completely understandable and you can definitely get some great advice from PR to guide you in the right direction, but don’t hire anyone until you’ve got it all ironed out.

When I think of someone brilliant in this arena, I usually think of Matt Kimberley. He’s actually an expert in getting more clients and ‘How To Get a Grip‘, so you should definitely consider a lesson there once you know what your business looks like. But take him up on a Skype call and he’s one of the best people you can talk to about ironing out your business idea into something clear and definitive for a path to succeed.

3. I can’t design anything for you.

If we work together we’re going to deal with a lot of platforms the require pretty. Twitter, newsletters, cover photos, blog posts, all that stuff. Beautiful images and gorgeous design is important. But just because it’s a large part of the presence, doesn’t mean your digital relations professional knows the first thing about Photoshop. She doesn’t. She doesn’t even own it. (Gimp FTW!)

But let me tell ya. Allie Lehman really knows her stuff when it comes to all things pretty. Just check out the post she wrote for SSS on tools to help you design your blog. Straight pretty. So if you need something beautiful prepared, I definitely recommend you check out her work. But if you hire me, you’ll likely be working with her anyway because I send all my clients to her.

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Do people get confused with how you can help them? How can you better clarify?

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