The Cover Photo Meets New Twitter Profile Pages

This morning, CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo appear on the Today Show to introduced new Twitter profile pages as well as mobile applications. The biggest change is the addition of a “header” (or in Facebook speak the “cover photo”). Here is an example of the Savvy Sexy Social Twitter profile:

The iPhone app profile:

new twitter profile 1new twitter profile 2

Note: If you do not have the new profile pages yet on your profile, I noticed that if you go into the updated mobile app, you’re able to add a header photo and that will force your computer profile with the update. May not be necessary because it seems like these new features are rolling out very fast after their announcements on the Today Show this morning.

Obviously quite similar to upgrades we’ve seen from Facebook and Google Plus. Cosmetically beautiful, but platforms are getting more and more similar to look at.

New iPad app:

You’ll now be able to “view photos in fullscreen and swipe through them really easily,” said the company in a statement to the Today Show. “We’ve rebuilt it from scratch. When you tap tweets in the iPad app, they expand in your stream to show a photo or video or article summaries from major websites.”

What do you think of the new Twitter upgrades?



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I like the upgrade and makes twitter more personalized, just hope it doesn't get too dense with gimmicky stuff like facebook has. 

schmittastic moderator

Not gonna lie. I'm totally into this layout. Especially on the iphone app. Might be putting Tweetbot back in the archive for a little while... Are you guys using the app?


Ah nice! I have some designing to do :)


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