YouTube Statistics to Make You Love Video Marketing [VIDEO]

In case you’re new here, video marketing is a pretty big deal. Not just on this blog, but on the Internet period. Words are important for search engine optimization, but the reality is that people don’t like to read. A video is the easiest form of content intake.

So is it a part of your online marketing strategy? This video from James Wedmore, Founder of Video Traffic Academy, will blow your mind with statistics of this year proving the benefits of video marketing. Maybe you’ll cross over the the dark side once you watch? 🙂

How are you using or planning to use video for your business?


  1. I think online video marketing is the key today and still is in the future.  With people getting access online everywhere thru their phones and other gadgets, they’ll eventually switch to watching anything online.  I know that television networks are trying their hardest to incorporate their shows online already.  This just tells us the range and number of people who’ll be able to know about you if you invest in video marketing.

  2. James did put together a great video on the stats of YouTube.  One thing also worth mentioning is Ciscos prediction that within 3 years all web traffic will be video traffic.

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