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3 Reasons To Stop Facebook Advertising Now

Editor’s Note: This post was written by guest blogger, Katherine Salt. Learn more about her in the bio below this post.


stop signsYou have consistently been investing your dollars to show your wares on Facebook. But if you aren’t seeing a return, or are paying a small fortune for every click it could be time to throw in the towel. So what is all the fuss about Facebook advertising when it doesn’t seem to work? Well I’ve come up with 3 reasons that it’s time to stop your Facebook advertising campaign RIGHT NOW!

1. Your ads aren’t relevant

There’s no point in promoting your cupcake business to teenage boys. They may be happy enough to munch through the plateful but we can be pretty sure they won’t be putting their hands in their pockets to pay for them. If you want to grow your business you need to know your customers and target your advertisement to them.

The more targeted your adverts are the more likely they are to be effective, however along with this benefit comes an increase in cost. The balance is to be specific enough to reach the right audience without being charged more than you value the action they take.

2. Your ads don’t tell people what you want

It sounds simple but telling the audience what you want them to do when they see your advert will actually increase the chance of them doing it.  Do you want them to “like”? RSVP? Click to register? If you give your copy a sense of urgency by using phrases such as buy now, limited offer, and last chance, it will compel audiences to act immediately.

3. They don’t want what you’re selling

Most people go on to Facebook to check out what their friends have been up to, see photos and generally just hang out. It is unlikely that they are in the right frame of mind for you to sell them a life insurance policy or something equally mundane. This does not mean that advertising on Facebook will not work for an insurance company. It may be better to look at promoting the benefits of the page i.e. tips to keep in your home safe or ways of stopping a crisis. If you can relate to your audience and promote the way your page can entertain, educate, and inform, you will be more likely to receive positive actions.

Facebook adverts may not be right for every business though, depending on what your objectives are.  If you’re looking to build your profile and increase your activity on the page then they can work well for you.  If you’re expecting direct sales (as you would write for Google Adwords), you’ll be disappointed.  Once people are in Facebook they’re reluctant to leave where as on Google folks are actively looking for what’s offered.

Have you used Facebook ads? How were your results?



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Katherine Salt is a marketing professional who specializes in social media training and consultancy. Katherine regularly runs free webinars helping businesses improve their online marketing. She lives in the island of Jersey near the coast of France and has a healthy collection of frequent flyer miles.
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@SavvySexySocial I think they are also expensive. I did have success getting irrelevant likes though.


Just to clarify, are you advocating not doing Facebook Ads at all or to re-evaluate your strategy if its not working? 


 @AndrewWoo Thanks for the question.  I think if you are spending money on Facebook adverts without understanding what you are trying to achieve or if you are just throwing up adverts without taking the time to analyse their effectiveness then it's not the best investment of your marketing spend. 

schmittastic moderator

 @AndrewWoo Good question, Andrew! I think it makes sense to stop immediately if those things are happening and then definitely look at those measurements and adjust before you dive back into advertising again. I'm sure Kathryn would agree.