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How I Read 3 Books in One Week

You may have read about the release of Aspire Magazine, a digital publication for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. And I mentioned that I will be their resident book reviewer starting in the August issue.

Do you know what “resident book reviewer” entails? A LOT of reading. The required number of reviews for publication that I’m reponsible for covering is three. Three REALLY good business books ranging from motivation, biography, and overall good practices and marketing.

Now. Don’t be fooled. I have a pretty hard time getting reading time in. Three books per month? I can barely get one book finished over a period of months. But when the Aspire position came up, I knew this wasn’t just a great opportunity to share my writing but to actually get into a better habit of reading more frequently.

All fine and good right? I’m gonna start reading more because people are depending on me! Whatev. The fact still stands that my clients get first pick at my time, then my business development stuff (such as this blog), and then the organizations I’ve opted to donate time to. So where exactly is this time I’m going to make to read?

If the average book I need to read is 300 pages, that’s 300 pages x 3 books = 900 pages. 900 pages / 30 days = 30 pages per day.

30 pages per day for 30 days! Sorry. That’s not real life.

audible for iphoneSo let me introduce you to my new best friend…

Driving in a car. Cleaning house. Going to the gym. Laying out by the pool. We all have our own repertoire of mindless activities. So why not multitask and get some reading done? It’s possible when you’re listening to one of the many books “on tape” — as we used to say — that are read to me through the Audible app. I just buy the book I want to read on Audible, download it to the app, and listen to a lovely narrator while I dust the furniture or climb the elliptical.

When the September issue of Aspire needed to be done in a week, I did my research of the books I wanted to read and downloaded them all from Audible. 5 hour listen for the first book. 7 hours for the second. 3 hours for the third. All done a couple days before the reviews were due!

If you’re been looking to get more reading done in your life, I highly recommend audio books. If not for the faster absorption of new information, then for the childhood memories of when Mom used to read to you.

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    1.  @AndrewWoo That’s pretty much the only reason why I wish I had a car and drove more often… is to listen to ebooks! It’s the best way to make the most out of commute.

      1. AndrewWoo

         @schmittastic I dont know about you but I can’t listen to books while I’m in bed. I end up dozing off and missing like 2 hours worth of listening 🙂

  1. Yep, takes several months for me to get through a book too. Reading is the one habit I can’t seem to maintain, and yet is probably among the most important.
    It’s interesting how we completely forget about audio books, but as you mention, they can definitely be helpful for non-readers like myself! Great tip Amy and congrats on being the new resident book reviewer.

      1.  @schmittastic Indeed, digging into “How to Win Friends and Influence People” right now, by Dale Carnegie. Definitely a fan of the classics 🙂

  2. nevinbuconjic

    I have tried audio books but I found I was distracted or day dreaming while trying to listen in the car. I prefer a good ‘ok book or ebook — especially since I like to have it available for quick reference later! I’m not against audio books, I do think they can save a ton of time.

    The number of books I have read this year has skyrocketed since I made a comittment to myself to read more. I am in the neighborhood of 16 books read so far (compared to 3-4) — in large part to having my iPad. I now bring it to work and read on my coffee break or before bed. The results have been amazing.

    1.  @nevinbuconjic That’s awesome! I agree. I love reading on my Kindle app for iPad as well. It’s basically the reason I bought it.. But there might be books that are more appropriate in a story telling sense that would keep your attention and be great for audio, versus the info-filled resources that would be more interesting too see and bookmark in front of you. (Although the Audible app actually lets you make “bookmarks” in their audio books as well just so you know… still need to use that feature cause it seems so useful!)

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