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Building a Brand With All of Your Ideas. Is it possible? [VIDEO]

I’ve had a lot of different ideas in a lot of different areas of expertise come up in my time freelancing of things I want to do. Things I want to love while making money at them. But I also don’t like having too many things to focus on. So is there some way to bring all your ideas and niche areas together as one, big, beautiful brand? That’s basically today’s video. Would love your thoughts!

Got any ideas? Have you brought a range of specialties together in one product? Or thinking about it? Share!

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Amy is the Founder of Savvy Sexy Social and President of Vlog Boss Studios, a digital marketing agency specializing in video content creation. Connect with her on Twitter.
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jeshumrich 1 Like

OMG I've been trying to figure this out too!

redslice 1 Like

Great questions Amy. I am a brand strategist and help businesses and solopreneurs unify their ideas, passions and services under one powerful and irresisitble umbrella brand. But it's always hard to do this for yourself, even for me! I'm packaed my business and life-related passions under the umbrella of "storytelling"  - I consult, I speak, I act, I write....all of that is about telling a great story (especially my branding work for clients: that's about sharing your story, positioning and message with the right people. Like you said, there's usually one thread that ties all those passions and talents together so start with that and build the brand out from there.


PS, random Q: what do you use to record and edit your webcam vids? Love 'em!



Great topic! I thought it was just me! I've been able to keep my main blog going strong for quite some time, but outside of that I've had way too many other ideas for other sites that have changed and morphed over the years.


Now, I have them all under one "umbrella site". Because the ideas are all about one topic, it sort of works having them live together under one domain (, but with their own sections, logos, and sub-brands. I'm not 100% happy with it, but it was one way to merge all of the ideas/projects into one. Well, except for my main blog. Oh, and my Digg-like site. Recently, I've been reading books about focus. One of them had a tip about letting the new ideas surface, writing it down or capturing it somehow and then shifting back to the projects that you've already decided to focus on. It's a good suggestion if you fear getting spread too thin or never making real progress on your projects. 


hellobrio 1 Like

YES. There's nothing wrong with being Renaissance Women / Men. I constantly feel like people shame me for having more than one interest (via their blogging tip blogs). My blog is a smattering of all of my personal interests, and people are always telling me that it's better to have a specific, unique niche, and MAYBE you can branch out to other things like once a month. PSH. That sounds miserable to me. Sure, if I had the time to maintain like 10 niche blogs I would. But who does that? 


Although sometimes I do feel like I'm spreading myself too thin, to the point of not being able to master any one thing, that's just how it is. And that's how it will be until I give up working full time and pursue my dreams, or whatever you want to call it.

jonfun 1 Like

Wearing many hats all of the same time, yes... yes... yes!  Exactly, you want an amalgam that represents you but problem is they one see one view.  Next is a forced perspective, show people only what you want.  Disney  Theme Parks do that, go to Disney World because you cannot see the other parks from each other.  Then again could relate all this to juggling.  Now get out of my freaking head!  Really, I could  blog exactly on this everyday, would people listen... probably not but eventually.  May be... but most times I'm stuck in a conundrum where people only see my value because of real job  & not the media I'm able to produce.  Lovely at times.

Baldydog 2 Like

Focus..ah..that is might want to have a place to write all your ideas..but if you have too many they might decrease your focus so nothing gets done.


At one time I would create a website for every idea..however, I think more than one of them, decreased the overall focus on our @baldydog brand.

AndrewWoo 2 Like

A lot of ppl can relate to because we all have more than one interest and opinions we'd like to share.


For me, I was using my personal Youtube account to 'brand' all of those random ideas into one place. I guess that's sorta what you do now too.


Like Shay Carl from the Shaytards. I don't watch him but my fiance loves him. 


As an outsider, I saw him as just a loud YouTube version of Jon and Kate Plus 8, But now he's also talking about personal growth, some business etc. 


So I guess if a range of specialties is who you are, just do it under your own personal brand :)

schmittastic moderator 2 Like

 @AndrewWoo Good example! YouTube seems to be the place to just combine everything... as long as you use multiple channels lol