Top 5 #SSSVEDA Vlogs of Week 4 [VIDEO]

One more week to go! You can tell it’s getting later in the month because my vlogs get more and more dull. But I’m not making excuses! I’m making a video every day and a lot of the #SSSVEDA participants are too. It’s all about the habit and getting comfortable on camera and you guys are doing an amazing job at that. Here are the Top 5 for this week:

Need Your Suggestions by Photomike07

READING IS FUN! by MisterMicControl

Siblings by BrianOMV

I’ll Take Literature for $1000 Alex by megslovesbananas

I’m sorry by Salli Melfi

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I made it again? OMG thank you Amy you are the best!

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WOOOO! I made the top 5.  Thanks for the shout out Amy and thank for doing this.  I'm actually really loving it.  Happy VEDA