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What in the Heck is RSS? [VIDEO]

I find it a pity when people don’t know about RSS Feeds/Readers and how they can help someone stay on the pulse of their favorite news and blogs.

So I wanted to share the video I posted for this week’s “Magnet Minute” segment, a Magnet Labs series I do weekly for Magnet Media Films’ about the subscription feature and how it works.

Are you using RSS? Prefer another subscription route? Leave your thoughts.




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I swear by RSS feeds. So says the girl who came across your article via the RSS subscription, viewing it on Newsify on her iPad. ps...Newsify ROCKS for both iPad and iPhone. It's my favorite RSS reader by far.

schmittastic moderator

 @jennstaz Awesome! Thanks for the tip! I think I'm using something with RSS in the name... can't remember.