How Many Fakes Are Following You on Twitter?

Have you ever wondered how many of your Twitter followers are legitimate accounts? Or maybe a friend of yours’ following? These days people are buying followers or engaging in over-following scams to inflate their online presence and make others think they have influence over their network.

I talked about this awhile back in a video, helping you use Klout to determine some fishy followings online. But Status People is looking to make it even easier to determine with their Fakers App. Just connect your Twitter account to see how many of your followers are fake or spam, and type in your friends’ handles to learn their ratio as well.

fake followers

My account? Well @Schmittastic has 1% fake followers and 14% inactive. I think that’s pretty good actually. But @SavvySexySocial is REALLY impressive with only 2% inactive and 0% fake. We’re legit up in here.

How’s your following lookin’? Comment below with your results.





  1. omv

    Fake 5% Inactive 10% and Good 85% I am surprised the fakes are not more, it seem like porn bots are following me every day.

  2. JTDabbagian

    I caught a couple people with more than 40% fake followers (Names will remain confidential to protect my bank account.) I think at that level it’s clear they’re deliberating inflating their numbers. As for me, I can proudly say I have 0% Fake, 5% Inactive and 95% real. 🙂 

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