How to Find Sweet Ideas for Your Life List [VIDEO]

So I’ve been doing some research on making a cool life list of things I’d like to do that’s I’ve not yet been able to accomplish. And I was thinking since you might consider something similar for yourself that I share the resources I’ve used to help me find great ideas for such a list. 

  1. When looking for cool ideas, it’s always good to dig in to what others have already decided to do. Google “life lists” or “bucket lists” for some really fun ideas you may never have thought of. My favorite blog’s life list is Joel Runyon’s The Impossible List. Definitely check that out for some hardcore motivation.
  2. Another great resource for not only ideas but motivation and how-to’s of accomplishing those items is on Being able to keep your list there and get the support of others trying to strive for greatness as well is a really great feeling.
  3. I have recently fallen in love and grown obsessed with checking for life list ideas. Their “Idea Finder” is a gold mine of things to do as presented by people who have already added them to their list and easily accessed by you to stir up new ideas for yourself. Check it out.

Have you made a life list? Check out mine and then share in the comments what you would add to yours!

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Thank you for the encouragement. I shared EVERYWHERE I am at on social media :)  We really do forget we should have a little fun in in life when we are chasing bill money. Thanks for the reminder!


@Schmittastic ha, thanks for the shootout :) been working on the list for 2 years now :)


@joelrunyon nice. I'm excited to start my own soon. Congrats on your process!