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Twitter Founders Unveil Their Latest Project: Medium

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In a tweet this morning, Biz Stone announced a new project from The Obvious Corporation, an incubator launched by Stone and his Co-Founder of Twitter, Evan Williams:

Medium is their latest online publishing tool that they’re hoping will help give publishing the “evolutionary leap” it needs with the help of information media has learned over the last 13 years – as Evan Williams explains in his ‘Welcome’ note comparing the Internet to how far it has come since 1999, the year they launched blogging platform Blogger.

From what I can tell in my initial visits to the platform, rather than collecting one contributor’s content and publishing it together leaving it up to the writer to build their own audience, Medium is filtering content with similarly aligned information to be a part of one collection of multiple contributors, giving the reader an opportunity to see different information and points of view in a particular topic all in one place. Design is a huge component on the platform’s part, making the reading/viewing experience extremely exceptional. It kind of reminds me of what Jux tries to do for bloggers (other than the way the content was being filtered, obviously)

Registration with Twitter credentials is currently accepted for the public, but contributions are limited to certain friends and family until further notice.

What do you guys think of this platform? Interesting? Or not so much?

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