Top 5 #SSSVEDA Vlogs of Week 1 [VIDEO]

We may only be on Day 3 of #SSSVEDA but there are PLENTY of awesome vlogs for me to choose from to feature! You guys are really ROCKING this challenge. I’m blown away.

If you’re not familiar with #SSSVEDA, you can learn in more detail here and check out Day 1 here. But basically VEDA stands for Vlog Every Day in August and I’ve challenged the Savvy Sexy Social blog readers to get out of their box and join the vlogging revolution for this movement!

As promised, the following videos have been my Top  from the last few days (in no particular order):

Who Are Your Favorite BEings from Amy Miyamoto:

Cribs, 30 Days in Jamaica from April Thompson:

Introduction from Anne:

Pet Love with Bailey Bubz from Ryan Swearingen

The Anthony Ryan Show, Ep. 1 from Anthony Ryan

Keep the vlogging up! You guys are fantastic!

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amymiyamoto 1 Like

MAD LOVE goin' out to me fellow AMY SCHMITTAUER! WooHoo! Thanks for being the catalyst and the continued inspiration for this powerful experiment - I am already feeling the magic on many levels.  Just posted Day 3 - Goin' rogue again with some trampoline action! ;)

ryanswearingen 2 Like

Aw, shucks. Thanks, Amy! Just posted day 3...

AbsoluteADT 2 Like

Thanks for doing this (and not just because you included one of my videos). I missed a few yesterday....Day 3 wrapped only 27/28 to go...


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