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For those of you who have been wanting to give video a try, this is your chance!

A week from now is the semiannual kick-off for video makers to celebrate VEDA: Vlog Every Day in August. (If you haven’t already guessed, the other VEDA is in April.) Whether you’re a seasoned vlogger or brand new and looking to get more comfortable in front of the camera, this is a great opportunity for you to jump in on the fun.

Many of my readers know that I make video not only professionally, but personally. I don’t usually share those personal accounts here because that’s not what I tailored this site to be about. But the more I think about it the more I realize how personal video blogging could certainly expose you to the possibilities and ease of incorporating video in your business’ digital marketing strategies. So think outside the box here with me for a second.

Being on video is certainly weird, awkward, and sort of embarrassing at the start. I promise you, there are many videos that were never uploaded of me in the beginning and there just as many that are uploaded that I can’t stand today. But there is absolutely no way I would be as comfortable with the idea as I am now if I had never put myself through that process. Your work will never be perfect. It will never be finished. You just gotta do it and test your way through the learning process. (I recommend doing hair, makeup, and a sweet paid of sunglasses to make it not so painful to watch.)

So, if you’re interested in joining the Savvy Sexy Social VEDA Troop, I’m here to offer you the full VEDA package today! Sign up with the Google spreadsheet form below and benefit from all of the following:

  • A full calendar of topics to share so you never run out of stuff to talk about (as seen below in the public Google calendar but don’t feel like you HAVE to follow it. If something fun happens in your life or you can share some thing more interesting… DO IT!)
  • Access to a list of video channels to all those participating so you can watch and learn from others
  • ME as your first VEDA viewer!
  • The possibility of being featured on this blog and the SSS social networks should it get chosen as one of my top vlogs of the week!

Here’s my invite to my regular vlog viewers if you’d like a taste of Schmittastic style:

So get out your camera or smartphone, dust off your YouTube or social video account (SocialCam, Viddy, Tout, etc.), and let’s get vlogging! Sign up with the form below and get ready to kick off your first VEDA vlog on August 1st!

**If you’re totally not interested and just want to tune in to the rest of us, make sure to subscribe to my channel as well as all the ones listed below! They and I will greatly appreciate the support!**


    1. mcorwin

      @SavvySexySocial thanks! nervous because I don’t like myself on camera, but I know the only way to get used to it is to just do it! 😉

      1. SavvySexySocial

        @mcorwin So true. Just keep posting every day and you’ll be 30x better by the end of the month! #SSSVEDA

  1. Frances Palaschuk

    Hey! I am in. Can’t wait… I have been waiting to be held accountable to vlog for a looong time.

  2. FraniePalaschuk

    @SavvySexySocial I just signed up for #SSSVEDA! Can’t wait. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. KerriQuirt

    @SavvySexySocial, Just signed up for the VEDA (Video Every Day in August) challenge. Excited about my new adventures w/ video! #SSSVEDA

    1. SavvySexySocial

      @KerriQuirt YAY! So glad you’re joining us! We’re going to have so much fun! #SSSVEDA

  4. RogerDeveau

    @FraniePalaschuk @KerriQuirt Fantastic! I know you two will have a blast doing it (by the end at least 😉 ) #SSSVEDA

  5. jonfun

    I posted this to the crazy lady Insta.gram & I’ll share it here too. “I’ll join you in this venture, ever since twitvid became “telly” I’ve had issues with site & service. May be time to jump my “” over to the big game player YouTube. #VEDA”

  6. AbsoluteADT

    YAY! Excited! I just made the decision to do 30 days in Jamaica vlog series and then found your VEDA. Clearly I won’t be sticking to those topics outside of maybe the first day and a few others, but excited to do something consistently for longer than 2 days. LOL Looking forward to seeing everyone else’s work as well. Happly vlogging folks! 

    1.  @AbsoluteADT NICE! I can’t wait to watch!! Feel free to stray from the calendar! Especially if you have way more fun stuff going on to show us!

  7. megazirt

    I’m loving @patrickgarrigan ‘s Topic’s for VEDA! Most I’ve ever laughed at someone reading out a list. @Schmittastic ##sssveda

  8. AnthonyRyan

    Hi AMY!! I am very excited to be vlogging everyday in August! I have put this off long enough. BTW, my website is missing the .com in the spreadsheet of vlogger info. Thank you and see you in AUGUST 🙂

  9. Hawk8509

    @Schmittastic I’m excited about joining VEDA. Vlogging is new to me but I’m up for the challenge!

  10. FraniePalaschuk

    My VLOG challenge with @SavvySexySocial starts tomorrow! Will you join me in the #SSSVEDA challenge?

  11. Hi, Amy, & fellow #SSSVEDA vloggers.  I’m brand new to making videos and excited to have the chance to jump into this @Schmittastic challenge with my friend @FraniePalaschuk 🙂

      1. megs222

         @schmittastic stoked you got that reference…glad you checked out my VEDA video.  The end is near

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