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Matthew Kimberley on Shoot the Schmitt, ep. 2

matthew kimberleyFinally! The release of the second episode of Shoot the Schmitt. This time I chatted with my good friend Matthew Kimberley, business coach and published author of the book How To Get A Grip. You’ll hear all about how we met on the podcast, but if you’ve been around here for awhile you may recall when I went on a sponsored road trip with Fox Rent A Car last Summer and Matt was one of the bloggers I traveled with. We’ve been great friends ever since.

Tune in to hear all about the business coaching he has been doing with Michael Port‘s Book Yourself Solid training program. And definitely check out his website for more great business advice. )I promise you that signing up for his email list is worth the free download alone… I use it every single day.)

We also talked about:

  • Our adventures on the West Coast Road Trip
  • How Matt learned about Book Yourself Solid and became a certified coach
  • … and how he’s traveling and teaching people alongside Michael Port today
  • January conference season in Las Vegas
  • His home country of Malta and other relevant geographies (laughable lol)
  • How I was inspired by PandoDaily to do this podcast and how Matt helped me come up with the name of the show

Tune into the podcast below or head to YouTube to watch the video recording:

Be sure to tweet Matt and let him know you found him here! We’re all friends here.

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Finally! The release of the second episode of Shoot the Schmitt. I am so excited.