The Trick to Filling Your Editorial Calendar

pink editorial calendarMost of your probably know the trick to a successful business blog by now, and that’s consistency. But the real question is when you’re looking at your editorial calendar. What is that strategy that will keep your content consistent? Its emptiness is as daunting as a blank blog post. Sure, you can check out my 353+ blog post ideas to start the wheels turning, but suggestions run out and you need a bigger plan to keep it going.

First instict might be to come up with a list of blog post ideas and then throw them in the calendar with a due date so you’ll get up and write them when the time comes. Sounds good, but that probably won’t pan out the way you like because of the random approach you’re taking and then you’ll get discouraged that you don’t want to work with the topics you came up with months ago. (Trust me. Been there.) So to make that process easier of coming up with posts in a shorter period of time, but give your blog a presence that feels more strategic than having a random blog post pumper-outer, you need umbrellas.

An umbrella should represent the different categories of content that you want to provide for your audience. These overall topics will give your wheels a head start when thinking of specific topics so you’ll stay both consistent and fresh. Here are a couple examples to get your started:

These are just some examples of the big-picture ideas you should be thinking about.  This strategy will help you make sure you’re leaving room on the calendar to update with current events (something important if you want a new audience to see your blog is fresh when they arrive) while also leaving room for the subjects that are less likely to expire quickly. Those long-lasting advisory posts are the ones that are going to be most beneficial for the SEO of your blog, especially if you’re answering the questions that you know many current and potential readers have.

Are you planning your blog with an editorial calendar? Share below!