Facebook Launches App to Manage Your Fan Page

facebook pages app iphoneLast week, Facebook got a little mobile happy and released some new apps for iOS. One of them, a camera to rival Instagram WTF?!?!. And the other, an app specifically for the fan pages you administrate for.

This is great news because for those managing a community on the go, there hasn’t been a really great way to monitor fan page activity via mobile. Sure you could check the main Facebook app and there would be a nice little number saying how many notifications were new on a each fan page, but once you got there you wouldn’t be able to go to those new likes or comments specifically because the app was geared to notify you of what’s happening on your personal profile. So that feature was pretty much pointless.

Also, there was no real way to track how status updates did after posting. How many people were reached and how viral did it go? There was no way to tell until you sat your traveling butt right back in front of a computer.

But now with the Facebook Pages Manager app for iPhone, community management got a little more fans using fan page appmobile-friendly (you’ll see in the photo to the right some of my fans are already on board). Once you’ve downloaded the app, here are a couple features you’ll see:

  • Push notifications anytime someone engages with one of your fan pages
  • Sidebar to help you switch between different pages which also list the number of new notifications to monitor
  • Top drop downs listing notifications of new fans and notifications
  • The ability to post as the brand quickly, whether with just a status update or photo share
  • A filter option to see which posts are from the admins vs. page visitors
  • Immediate analytics listed under each update of how many fans were reached with the message and how many created a story linking to your fan page  (AKA “talking about this”) based on that specific update
  • Ability to click into a short and sweet version of your Insights which lists how many total likes you have, how many people are “talking about this”, what your total weekly reach is and how it differs from the previous week, and a pretty vague graph of the former two analytics.
  • A link to see a list of Facebook profiles who are also admins on each page

It’s still not a 100% replacement for being on the computer, but it’s pretty close. Facebook was smart to come out with an alternative to struggling with the mobile website because of how many people are managing pages on the network. I know my job just got a little bit easier to stay on the pulse. What about you?

Are you using the new Facebook Pages app for iPhone?