How Are You Stupid?

Yesterday I talked about a really important question in business and in life in general.

My question for you today is equally important because it’s going to keep you on the right path to your goals by reminding you of where your focus belongs.

I wanna know… How are you stupid?

Hahaha I personally think this is an even better question than yesterday’s. Knowing your strengths is definitely an important thing. That’s where your passion will originate from, motivating you to pursue and be even better. But more importantly, you need to compliment that action with avoiding your weaknesses when they’re holding you back.

Am I saying to completely ignore those weaknesses forever? Definitely not. It’s likely you have some pretty important items to take care of that will help you succeed on that weakness list. What you do with that list is what will gauge how soon you see success.

If you’re not good at something you need done, just get help.

Easy for her to say. I’m a startup with hardly any clients. It’s just me and I can barely afford to pay myself, much less outside contractors. No dice, Amy. No freakin’ dice.

I get that. If anyone gets that I do. Hell, I’m draggin’ my feet on even starting an LLC. Cause why? Everything is working out just fine in the freelance world I’m in. I handle it all and it’s all good.

But I’m stupid about design. I know things look pretty when I see them but I can’t give that creative direction, much less make the thing myself. I’m also stupid about taxes. There’s no way I want to get in trouble with the government now. Especially out of ignorance. And I’m really stupid about fitness. So if I actually want to see a change in my health and physique, I’m definitely going to need some instruction.

So I hire a designer when I need one. I hire an accountant every year starting this past April. And I definitely hire a physical trainer… no one else can keep me moving LOL. (P.S. If you’re wondering why I included fitness in this business talk, you ALSO need a trainer. Step away from the computer…)

DO NOT DISMISS THIS POST if you can’t pay money right away. Just because I “hired” someone, doesn’t mean they got dollar dollar bills everytime. It depends on every situation. But when you have a valuable strength (How are you smart?), you can often find someone who’s interested and willing to offer a trade for your weakness (How are you stupid?).

How are you stupid? Maybe there’s someone here that can help you.