A Weekend Without Computer? Refreshing.

weekend without computerI love the weekends. It’s such a great feeling because I know I can relax and just catch up on home life. But with that relief always comes the overwhelming desire to “get ahead” for the week. I can’t seem to let that feeling go. Especially on Sundays.

But this past weekend was different. Those feelings were still there, but instead I kept myself busy. Watched the half marathon Saturday morning outside my house. Shopping and margaritas with a girlfriend for Cinco De Mayo. Kentucky Derby party in the evening. Sunday chores and grocery shopping. Lunch on a patio with a friend. Then an evening cookout with friends at their house.

I got home last night and walked into my office to set my purse down and I saw my computer. I’d only touched it once to Windex my desk that morning but it had been OFF the whole weekend. I looked at it hard to think really hard about a time I might have opened it up. But I never did. It was such a great feeling.

I actually went the whole weekend not playing on my computer to motivate myself to do extra work. I built on real relationships with friends and family instead. I took care of my home. Took great advantage of the amazing weather. I completely refreshed myself for the week ahead, which was better than any additional work I could have gotten in.

Cause now I’m really to attack Monday. Are you?

How did you relax this weekend?

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I take a weekend to "go dark" (Jack Bauer 24 talk, offline) every now and then. I'd like to do once a month. No twitter, no FB, no online shopping, no blog hopping...nothing (except instagram).  I always feel refreshed and more motivated the following Monday.  I see bloggers blogging every day and then say they think they need to shut the blog down and I say, "try and take a break first". Of course, I've been blogging less than a year but I still think I know everything :-)


I treat my Sundays as my "get ahead" day and it USUALLY leaves me feeling stressed because I didn't finish my to-do list. That's the opposite of how I want to start my week. Good for you for taking a real weekend!


So awesome. I think when we create rails for our time, we force our brains to understand that our work days are just that - days of work. 


When we allow the weekend to be "catch up" or "get ahead" time, our brains take note and begin filling in "work days" with other, less effective uses for our time. 


Love reading how you're growing and learning. Keep sharing (which I'm sure that won't be a problem for you...). 

schmittastic moderator

It's good advice for sure. I'm not sure i could go dark entirely though. Social media just makes me too happy. But I'm more likely to not get lost in endless internet surfing if I'm just on my phone or ipad. My computer will keep me distracted for hours, days, weeks! That weekend break was really nice. Thanks so much for your comment! Hope to see you around more often!

schmittastic moderator

 @alliepal We're on the same page there. You and I need to have Sunday dates so we keep ourselves from thinking it's a work day lol. Sunday funday right?!

schmittastic moderator

 @AdamLehman Thanks Adam! It's so true! More productive work weeks will bring less concern of getting ahead on the weekend. I think it's a natural struggle for someone who's completely on their own. The luxury of working when you want so you have a tendency to do it more than a normal job. So crazy.


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