How To Investigate the Deception of Huge Twitter Followings [VIDEO]

You’ve seen those accounts with high follower counts and impressive Klout scores, but do those users really have influence over their networks? Before you look for power users to help you market your brand, tune in to today’s tripleSdaily and learn how to dig deeper into a user’s Klout score and find out just how influential they are of the people who’ve followed their account.

It’s not all about Klout score. What characteristics have you noticed of the real online influencers?


  1. AllProactive

    Hi Amy,
    I found your site through Jay Baer and I’m impressed by what you’re doing. 
    On the subject of your video, I’ve found it hard to convince clients not to focus on the breadth of the numbers, because as with Google Analytics, it seems to trigger some kind of OCD. Quality doesn’t seem to trump quantity for most people very often.
    I happen to manage a site for a friend of mine (writer, sportscaster) who does the absolute least and ironically has great FB and Twitter numbers (Twitter alone=1,000 tweets, 103 following, 2,733 followers). His following to follower ratio is better than a lot of people in the social media business! Now if I could only get him to take it seriously and make some money.
    Btw, have you read Chris Guillebeau? You remind me of a case study I read about in his latest book.
    Congratulations on your success!

    1.  @AllProactive Thanks so much for your thoughts, Patrick! Glad to have you here and hope to see you more often. I completely understand the challenge of having a client see past the numbers. But I feel like that’s why I have a job. Not only to improve numbers, but prove why some should be important while others are not. I do enjoy reading Chris but I haven’t read the book. You’ll have to let me know what he talked about! Thanks again!

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