Do I Have a Boring Business?

Editor’s Note: This post was written by guest blogger, Liam Tarry. Learn more about him in the bio below this post.


Many business websites these days look like a graveyard. Sure they might have some great products for sale and some masterful product descriptions, but look a little closely at their news section or blog and chances are the last time it was updated was many many moons ago.

It’s often because business owners, while being incredibly professional in what they do, struggle to come up with exciting, creative, readable and shareable content. They think they’re business is seen as boring by the general public – but this is very rarely the case. Whatever your business, whether you supply bird proofing solutions or toilet seats, or pest control service or domestic help, you have lots to say.

With that in mind, here’s 3 tips for how you can turn a ‘boring’ business into a business with something to say through top-quality content.

Tip #1 – Solve a problem

You are in business because your product solves a problem – right? You exist because someone, somewhere can use your help to get rid of problem birds, to provide hotels with toilet seats… so get back to basics. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who’s your typical customer? Picture them in your head before you start to type.
  • Why are they viewing your site? They’re there to find out more about you and your products or services. Tell them how your products solve their problem.
  • What challenges do you face? If you have to deal with suppliers, talk about them. Talk about your industry. Respond to news pieces. Set yourself apart from your competition.
  • What advice can you give? If you supply flooring products, talk about how to clean different materials. If you bake cupcakes, share some of your recipes.

Tip #2 – Lists, special offers and competitions work

Social media can play a huge part in business marketing. How many times have you seen a business create a video for their product and watch it go viral? Although you might not have the funding to do something as extravagant as this, you can increase the likelihood of your content being shared if it solves a problem or spark interest.

  • Top 10 lists work – Studies have shown that when people read things online they scan to find the information they need. Top 10s and bullet-pointed lists are great ways of capturing attention and increasing social media shares. Create content that solves your reader’s problems. ie. Top 10 ways to spring clean your email inbox or Top 10 email marketing mistakes
  • Special offers – Social media is a place where people are more likely to share if they think it will help someone else out. Come up with special offers and align them to specific seasons, holidays or customer groups.
  • Competitions – If you’re struggling for social media fans or followers, a competition is a great way of raising brand awareness. It doesn’t have to cost much either! Consider hiding a picture of something on your website and holding a prize draw for all correct entries. Not only will it drive people to your site it will force them to have a look around. When the time comes to replace their doors or order flowers for mother’s day, you’ll be in their mind.

Tip #3 – Set yourself apart from the competition in the media

So, you’re a locksmith, who wants to read about you in the news? Answer – everyone! You’ve probably got some humorous stories to tell and seen some things in your time. Update your own news and views section of the site with a monthly update of things you’ve done. Talk about new products and give your honest opinion. Respond to things that have happened in your local or national news – a locksmith should be responding to crime figures, burglaries and car theft statistics.

You may think you’re ‘boring’, but you have a unique insight into your niche which local and national journalists don’t. Get this right and you’ll set yourself apart from the competition and reap the benefits of greater search engine rankings and more traffic to your site.