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Sunday Tendencies

dogs at the parkI have this really nasty habit. Every Sunday I wake up and think of all the things I could be doing to get ahead for Monday. So I make a point to get a few of those things done. Then I realize the laundry needs done, the dogs should go to the park, and I deserve to put my feet up and take in the day. Still… the nagging feeling.

Such a trial of being an entreprenewbie. I know Monday will be crazy with client calls and emails. All those things I’ll need to do I will have wished I would have gotten ahead on over the weekend. And it’s the same thing every week. So what does this mean?

A. I need to get a grip. The weekend is my only opportunity to completely let myself catch my breath and I need to just let that happen.

B. If I know I have a lot going on Monday morning and the rest of the week, I need to wake up with my alarm clock and manage my To Do list just like everyone else.

C. These guilt trips are not going to help me approach the work week with my best foot forward and I need to just let them go.

I hope you all are having  relaxing and enjoyable weekend before you head back to the grind. What are you doing to take a step back from the “W” word?


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