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The Weekly :: Featured Links and Tweets 4.6.12

Second Rate and Loving It! There are so many “gurus” and “experts” out there. Good for them. I’d rather be an enthusiast or a passionate practicer it’s kind of a word. Labeling yourself as a leader seems a bit reaching to me. I mean if you’re really good at what you’re doing, people will know. People will label you and people will call you an expert. Not only is there more credibility in having the masses talk to your awesomeness but there are tons of benefits to not being the best.

1. It’s Okay to Change Your Ways If you’re the best, then what is there to change? Often times when others are singing our praises we overlook the things we still need to work on. By understanding that you aren’t the best or at least can’t always be the best, you’ll remain hungry to challenge yourself! Be sure that while accepting those compliments that you’re taking time to examine your work or your strategies. If you understand that trying different techniques is okay, you won’t have to worry about being out-dated or old news because people won’t know what to expect from you next.

2. Learn from the Best! You should never stop learning. If you think you know it all you will certainly be missing out on the next big thing. By staying in the mindset of being second-rate, you will continue to keep learning and perhaps be surprised by who you are learning from. Maybe it’s a group with a small but very dedicated following rather than the person with legions of fly-by-night fans. Understanding that you can learn from a variety of “bests” will keep whatever you’re doing at it’s peak! The best thing about being second-rate is that you really aren’t! It’s a state of mind to be in to keep content fresh, to keep strategies effective and to make branding better but if you’re constantly challenging yourself and striving to be the best then, you are either already there or well on your way! So take a look at your blog or your small business and ask yourself, “Am I giving myself too much credit?” Maybe you need to take on a second-rate state of mind!

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