Bad Habits of Working from Home [PODCAST]

So I decided I don’t do enough with all the information in my head, so I started a podcast: Schmittastic Hour.

Don’t worry. It’s only 30 minutes. And today I wanted to talk to you about the bad habits (or habits I find to be bad NOW) of entreprenewbies (or even seasoned entrepreneurs) who are working from home.

The habits of debate include:

  • Lounging in PJs for most of the work day
  • Never leaving the house to break up the day
  • Working too late, including during family time
  • Not sticking with your To Do List and just doing whatever comes to you
  • Not connecting with people in real life

Lots of lessons to be learned that I definitely have over the first year of working for myself. Take a listen and give me some feedback. I had a lot of fun talking to myself… 🙂

P.S. The platform for podcasting that I couldn’t think of during the first part of the show was BlogTalkRadio.


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    1. Schmittastic

      @wuwu56 no. just on spreaker. one step at a time… 🙂

      1. wuwu56

        @Schmittastic Watching your podcast on my HDTV would be cool.

  1. Dan DeLaiarro

     @wuwu56 beat me to my question!  Here’s hoping you get up and running on iTunes sooner than later.

    1.  @Dan DeLaiarro  @wuwu56 Well now that I’m already so in demand there, I will start considering it 🙂 Thanks to both of you!

  2. Charles G Timm

    I like your story about the guy who, in order to get himself into the workday, left his house, bought coffee, and came back home. The author John Cheever used to dress up in a suit, pick up a briefcase, walk downstairs to the basement, where he wrote, change into his pajamas and robe and start typing. He, too, created his own commute.  

    1. Wow! That’s a good story too! I really want to come up with my own creative commute so I can tell you guys about it lol

  3. jonfun

    Get on Talkshoe! I do ok on podcasts, I like more interaction though, when I am not the host. I think you’d have a lot of fun. Plus there’s not any imposed time limits.

    1. SavvySexySocial

      @arlo_clyne glad you like podcasts! I really enjoy making them. So fun.

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