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How to Get More Traffic to StumbleUpon your Blog

stumbleuponSocial bookmarking is a fabulous thing. Lemme tell ya.

  • First, you don’t need to be at your computer to save something to remember later because the cloud backs it all up for you.
  • Then, your friends can follow your activity so they can see what cool stuff you found for them to check out as well.
  • And lastly but best of all, because people already know you’re only saving the good stuff, they surf and surf these bookmarking sites because they know if you already thought it was good they just might find some use for it as well.

So how can you gain traffic to your website for social bookmarking? Thanks to that last one, it’s easy. All you have to do is participate.

See, I use Stumbleupon. My account includes bookmarks of pages I found useful that I would not only like others to see but also be able to refer to later. With that bookmarking presence, I have followers who can depend on me for relevant social media, marketing, blogging, and video type information from the best sources in the biz. So they follow my activity and get use of what I find as well.

Using that trust to my advantage, I direct more traffic to my site by also bookmarking my own blog posts under the appropriate tags on my Stumbleupon account. Is this self-promotional? Sure. But the information I write about it relevant to those articles I also save in my bookmarks and I have reason to believe that my followers will find them just as beneficial.

In turn, when stumblers do find it useful, they are already in the Stumbleupon frame of mind and will share with the rest of their stumbling community. Cool huh?

Just another great example of how a social media community can help you grow your online presence. Join Stumbleupon today and start learning how you can learn more about your industry and reap the benefits as well.

Be sure to follow me on Stumbleupon as well!


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