My Secret to Getting Brands to Talk About Me on Facebook [VIDEO] - Amy Schmittauer | Video Content Marketing Expert | YouTube & Video Marketing Speaker
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My Secret to Getting Brands to Talk About Me on Facebook [VIDEO]

Today on the {tripleSdaily} I’m cluein’ you in on how I get other brands to talk about me on their Facebook wall. Drives conversation and drives new “likes”… even though I usually only like having Facebook fans that are already a fan of my content.
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Amy Schmittauer is a video authority coach, public speaker and host of Savvy Sexy Social, a video series for people who want to create an amazing brand platform through video and social media. Amy writes, hosts and produces the show which has an archive of more than 600 episodes. Impacting businesses in almost every country in the World, these advocates have helped the YouTube channel amass nearly 3 million views, contributing to Amy’s portfolio of work on the platform totaling over 10 million views. She is an internationally-acclaimed public speaker and edutainer, voted #1 Best Speaker at Social Media Day San Diego in 2015 and with high marks at events such as Tropical Think Tank, Hubspot’s Inbound and Social Media Marketing World.
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Great tip Amy. I have a few more:

1. If you want to start/build a following on any social network, use an existing source. For example, if you're an established business, then you probably already have consistent web traffic and a nice email list. Put something of value behind a like wall, and incentivize people to join your Facebook community. 2. Run a lot of promotions. You can give away your own products and services to make it less expensive. First, run promotions for your existing fans with a viral component. For example, have the winner be the person with the most votes. That draws in other fans and that individual's own friends. You can also do a cross-promotion with a related company. For example, find a company with a large Facebook presence that will partner with you. Use a service like to take care of Facebook's Promotional Guidelines headaches. You organize, manage, and pay the set up fees for the promotion, and have the other company help you promote it to your audience. Hope those help!