Rivaling Inspiration

Many people know me as a vlogger (video blogger).lights and bulb

But what many viewers don’t know is that I have a special place in my heart for writing.

When I feel like writing, it’s not the same as when I’m in video mode. I have a strange urge to be stupidly hilarious when It’s time to film. It’s not because I’ve always wanted to go into comedy, cause I haven’t. I know I need to work really hard to keep a viewer’s attention for a whole 5 minutes and it just works for me to be cheesy and edit jump cuts to make it easier for people to pay attention.

But when I sit down to write a blog post or an email for my audience, it’s like there’s another voice coming from me. I have a harder time implementing humor or lax into my writing because I’m so focused on informing and cutting to the chase. I want to concentrate on delivering great information with a motivational overlay.

I’ve really struggled with these differences in delivering content because it seems so weird to me that I don’t lean on a consistent delivery type in both venues when I’m talking about the same subject matter.

But it finally dawned on me.

When I thought about those that inspire me, it became clear.

The personalities that I read on a daily basis, such as Chris BroganEv Bogue, The Skool of Life, and others are very motivational and informative with their writing. I’m inspired by those voices so my default tone leans in the same direction.

But when I make a video, I channel very different influencers. Those quick-witted ‘Tubers such as iJustine, Philip DeFranco, and Grace Helbig are what motivate me to deliver my message in the most effective way to a listening audience. Comical, fast, and purposeful (even if the information isn’t that important).

Who inspires your voice? Do you notice a difference between your writing, videos, and/or your true personality?

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  1. omv

    I am usually mesmerized over your vids, not only because you are beautiful but also because you never know what comes out of Amy’s mouth next lol and you might just learn a thing or two while watching.

  2. SJCWebDesignLLC

    My YouTube videos are mostly how-to’s so my voice is humdrum – do this, then do that. It’s my own – but kinda of boring 🙁 although a couple of them are successful with the views so I guess it works.

    My writing style is more like me – sarcastic and funny. My goal for 2012 is to take the risk and get the funny, sarcastic me on YouTube and don’t be super critical of myself.The successful people like you and those that you mention (who I also subscribe to) make it seem so effortless.Wishing you a Happy New Year and continued success in 2012!

    1. @SJCWebDesignLLC Thank you so much. It’s funny that we have the opposite issue! My advice for you would be to try reading your written content out loud. I’ve been thinking about recording a video to listen back and reinterpret in written form to see if I can get some more snark incorporated. Think that would help?

      1. SJCWebDesignLLC

        @schmittastic I’ll try anything to get my written voice on the camera. I’ll also try mixing up the video style – maybe more opinionated 🙂 – might help bring my personality out .

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