Quick Tip: Tis the season for Giving [VIDEO] - Savvy Sexy Social with Amy Schmittauer
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Quick Tip: Tis the season for Giving [VIDEO]

Quick Tip: Give something away. Do it. No questions asked. No matter what you can do. GIVE IT AWAY.

That’s the tip that’s going to start your week off right in the social arena. Take advantage of the relationships you have been building by spending 15 minutes a day on strictly engagement, and show those people you’re not just a brand doing the bare minimum. Show you care and that you want to grow your presence with the kind of customer service that people are looking for and expect.

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Amy Schmittauer is Founder & Face of Savvy Sexy Social, a video series dedicated to helping you go after the life you want. The show on YouTube has an archive of over 600 edutainment-style episodes teaching personal development, vlogging, lifestyle design, and social media. A community from nearly every country in the world has elevated the series to amass more than 3.5 million views, inspiring the release of Amy’s first book Vlog Like a Boss: How to Kill It Online with Video Blogging. Follow Amy on Twitter.
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Thanks for the tips! This season of giving is a great opportunity to give love and share the blessings we have. It is an overwhelming feelings if we give.


A comment on your blog! You're doing some great job over here. I'm loving your videos and your tips. You get straight to the point and make it easy to understand certain social dynamics. Love from Italy.


I would like to give you Amy my gratitude for everything you have taught me since I discovered you online, may your 2012 be a great year both in your private and business life.

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Ricardo Bueno
Ricardo Bueno

1. What am I going to make/create today?

2. Who am I going to help today?

Those are the two questions I ask myself the moment I fire up the computer :-)

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