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10 Things I Learned From How To Get A Grip [VIDEO]

how to get a grip matthew kimberleyToday on 10 Things I’m really excited to share a book that I have been meaning to tell you about for some time. How To Get A Grip (affiliate) was written by a friend of mine, Matthew Kimberley. Matt is a business consultant helping people get more clients and also recently started working for the Book Yourself Solid coaching team with Michael Port.

How To Get A Grip is truly the best no-bullshit self-improvement book you will ever read. You might be wondering who it will help and the answer is EVERYONE! Matt gives a lesson on just about any life issue you can think of and more than likely you are dealing with at least one. They lessons all make sense though because of how everything ties together to make up your life. Although a great deal of the content is common sense, it’s important to get a fresh perspective when you have someone like Matt to remind you of the important stuff that you seem to let slip.

Tune in for my 10 Things and a little extra footage of how I know Matt:


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1. Give Yourself Permission :: You have the authority so act like it! You don’t always need to bring in a second opinion just because you’re unsure of yourself. Don’t let someone else tell you what’s okay if you weren’t really interested  to begin with.

2. Be More Decisive :: Make a freakin’ decision. I need a lot of help with this one, but it’s true. I can’t think of anything I really regret but I remember stress. What a waste of time.

3. Create A Plan :: It’s easy to write down everything and Matt helps you break it down and make your To Dos and Goals feasible. You just have to do it!

4. Lower Expectations :: No one owes you anything unless it was explicitly said beforehand. Period.

5. Keep Important Relationships :: If you want good people in your life, you have to make an effort too. It’s not all on them.

6. Pick Your Peeps :: Spend time with people that love you for you. It keeps you grounded and gives you some really nice downtime from the ON of work life.

7. Save. Don’t Spend. :: I’m sure you can think of something you HAD to have and now rarely use/wear. Reconsider next time and put the money in the bank instead.

8. What You Can’t Say :: Changing some words from your vocab will give you the self confidence you need for yourself and for others to need in you.

9. You Can’t Do Everything :: It sounds nice to say you can accomplish whatever you want, but it’s just not always true. Have fun trying and learn new things about yourself along the way.

10. Cell Phone Off On Weekends Won’t End The World :: True story. At least distance yourself from email if you can.

Find out more about How To Get A Grip on Amazon.


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I totally want to read this book. #4 and and #9 are key for me! I just added the Kindle edition to my wishlist. I've got to take #7 into consideration, but I WILL read this book in the new year!