How to Make Your Blog Post an Irresistible Read

No one likes to admit, but there’s a little bit of devastation involved in blogging. You know what I’m talking about. The part where you pour your heart and soul into a blog post, spend hours perfecting and editing, and no traffic finds its way to it to even bother giving it a read.

It’s frustrating, no doubt. But most of the time, the reason for this is that you’re not writing for your audience. Which means you’re writing for you. And there’s only one of you, so that’s all the traffic you’re going to see. Your post is as popular as you make it. If you’re depending on a bigger audience than yourself to support your blogging venture, you’ll need to tailor your content just for them.

  1. Write what you know :: This is a basic rule of many different principles of blogging. But the reason it will make your post a can’t miss is because you will find the readers who need your help. Even if you think what you know is so incredibly basic, there are many who don’t have a clue. (For instance, if you want to attract me as a reader, I’m clueless in the kitchen. There is nothing too basic for me to learn.)
  2. Spend time on crafting your title :: It’s very easy to start writing a post and then just popping in a headline when you’re done. But I don’t recommend this. First of all, you need to think about your headline at the beginning so that you have something to keep you on track for your post. So make sure you already have the idea wrapped up in a juicy headline before you start writing. Second, what do I mean my juicy? I mean, would you click the link that was next to it if you were your audience? Is the headline screaming “READ ME!” ? Make people want to click, or your writing was a big waste of time. Third, check the title when you’re done writing. Is it still in line with what you wrote? Did you deliver? Are people getting the answer they were looking for? Make sure you’re not making a promise you can’t keep.
  3. Teach or List :: How to’s are the mother of all blog posts, and that’s because people want distinct answers. So because people are so interested in learning how to do something you will always win with these kinds of posts (I got you with mine, didn’t I? 😉 ) But list posts are also wildly popular because people already know before they get there that it’s a skimable read. No one wants to read every single word, they to quick check and then move on to the next thing. Set your post up for a skimmer’s dream.
  4. Give many, many reasons :: Once you’re in promotion mode, you can’t just send your blog post to your social networks one time and hope for the best, but you also can’t tweet the same headline over and over all day long. Make sure you come up with at least 7 more juicy headlines that describe your post in different ways. Multiple posts throughout the day are key for making sure your content is seen, and different headlines to promote ensure that anyone who could be helped by the post will get a teaser that applies to them.
  5. Respond to feedback :: When you interact with your readers in the Comments Section and on social media sites, you are helping your future content become irresistible. There’s nothing like access to the source, and readers will love that they can not only read your content but be able to communicate you after to share their thoughts with you. Positive or negative, you must respond! It might be hard to take people’s opinions of your work at first, but hey, that’s your reader. If not for them, you’d be back to writing and reading posts for yourself. Respect your community.

What tips can you share for making content irresistible?


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  1. Amy, thanks for the great article! I’ve really been trying to improve the popularity of our business blog and your suggestions have been helpful. I’ve been tweeting article links multiple times and changing the wording just a smidgen each time to reach as many people as possible. And it’s working! 🙂

    1. @nwonderlin Good! It definitely helps when you may not have grabbed someone’s attention the first time, but something else you might say could change their tune. Happy to have you around Triple S! Let me know if there’s any other social obstacles I can help you with!

  2. CarlyBNCsci

    I’ve been playing with tools like Paperli to compile blog posts and tweets from my own followers and myself and then tweeting my online “paper” to my followers. People like this because you’re promoting others as well as promoting yourself a little.

    1. @CarlyBNCsci There is no doubt that curating content is definitely a great way to get attention. That’s actually the basis of which Savvy Sexy Social started. My only problem with is that I often get tagged in them and oddly enough, it’s for someone else’s article that I retweeted and not my own. Not to mention, I’m not getting the traffic. A great idea that maybe you could try on your own blog and benefit even more, I think. What do you think, @CarlyBNCsci ?

    2. HotBlogTips

      @CarlyBNCsci It’s funny you bring up because that’s exactly how I landed on this page, from my own issue just out this morning. I prefer to curate content from my own blog but I’m glad I clicked the link. Probably that expertly crafted title. 😉

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